• What products can the company offer?
The company has its own wide range of product options available to its clients. Not only does the company specialize in the various categories mentioned under the product page, but it also looks to satisfy client by providing customized solutions.

• Manufacturing process & technology
The company has had a well-defined way of providing the best of services to its clients. As per our mission statement we make it a point to use the best of technology to develop our products. Right from the very start the product is designed to fulfill the utility of the client.

We have made it a point to keep on upgrading out technology to bring out the most competitive products in the industry. Technology is an integral part of the company policy.

• Applications of the product
Our products are & have been designed specifically for cutting process. The machines can be used by a number of industries, namely
— Stone cutting
— Ceramics
— Glass cutting
— Carbon block cutting
— Metal cutting (space applications)

• Handling of the product
As is true for any machine, timely care needs to be taken so as that the life of the machine can be extended. Some sine-quo-non for this are:
— Timely lubrication
— Periodical cleaning of rotary parts is advisable
— Keep machines in spacious locations
— Electrical fluctuations can render heavy damage
— Control the speed of the machines functioning
— Annual maintenance

Apart from the above-mentioned aspects conform to the manuals & religiously follow them.